Stephen Robertson

Slanting Lines

Using your Kettle

Place the cordless base on a level firm surface.

Where ever possible fill the kettle through the spout as this will help to reduce the amount of limescale that builds up on the filter.

The amount of water can be measured by the level mark on the outside of the kettle.  Never fill the kettle above the MAX level and ensure that it is always above the MIN level.

Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need as this will save electricity.

Always make sure that the lid is properly firmly closed.

Place the kettle on the cordless base making sure it is positioned correctly.

Plug in and switch on at the wall socket.

Put the ON / OFF switch to its ‘ON’ position and the switch will illuminate.

When the water boils the kettle will switch off automatically.  The kettle can be switched off manually by putting the switch to the ‘OFF’ position.

To re-boil the kettle, switch it on again.  If the appliance has just switched off you may have to wait a few minutes before switching back on.

When the kettle has boiled the water may be poured out through the spout.