Stephen Robertson

Slanting Lines

Riddle:  Aubade

Consult me in the morning if you will

it matters not what time of day or night

there’s no diurnal rhythm to my skill

I even lack a sense of dark or light

Nevertheless, in order to create

your own, just let me be your open door

to visit many poets small and great,

examples of the form both good and poor

I’ll help you find the words you’re looking for,

to fit the rhyme and rhythm that you choose,

expressions either common or obscure;

spellings for the ones you seldom use

Better, I can even tell you when

the sun will rise, and if the clouds might go,

the phase and time of setting of the moon,

or any other facts you want to know—

scientific, social, economic—

or discourse, argument of any kind—

political, fictitious, mythologic

or legal.  Just come seek, and you shall find.

Who am I?