Stephen Robertson

Slanting Lines

Upscale down

One to forty-five million:  Pacific Ocean

        Marianas Trench, Macquarie Ridge, Mendocino Seascarp

        the shape of the world

One to thirty million:  Eurasia

        Kuril’skiye Ostrova; Kirgiz Step; Karakoram Ra

        countries; seas

One to ten million:  Middle East

        Bam Posht; Badiyat ash Sham; Bisharin

        railways; borders; deserts

One to five million:  Gulf of St Lawrence

        Shickshock Mountains; Shippegan Island; Cape Sable

        bays; harbours

One to one million two hundred and fifty thousand:  Low Countries

        Gelderland; Glabbeek; Gramsbergen

        conurbations; drained land

One to three hundred and sixteen thousand eight hundred:  Scotland

        Dufftown; Deeside; Dumfries

        roads; villages

One to sixty three thousand three hundred and sixty:  Truro and Falmouth

        Mevagissey; Mingoose; Mabe Burnthouse

        footpaths; phone boxes; inns

One to twenty five thousand:  The Broads

        Westwick; Woodbastwick; Winterton

        fences; marshes; footbridges

One to ten thousand:  Cambridge

        Petty Cury; Park Parade; Pretoria Road

        streets; alleys; cycle paths

One to two thousand:  Jesus College

        The Chimney; Cranmer Room; Café Bar

        courts; staircases; playing fields

One to five hundred:  Block plan

        Sherlock Road; Sherlock Court; Sherlock Close

        houses; yards; curbs

One to fifty:  Ground floor

        Bedroom 2; Bathroom; Bicycle shed

        walls; doors; drains

One to ten:  Tiles

        Ormeaux on Bastille; Ormeaux on Rioja; Ormeaux on Lagoon

        taps; pipes

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